Algeria in Transition : Reforms and Development Prospects.

This book, by providing an up-to-date, systematic analytical account on transformations in Algeria, makes a valuable contribution to the literature on this country that has not yet received much attention in the Anglo-American academy. Its distinctive feature is that it entirely focuses on Algeria,...

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التفاصيل البيبلوغرافية
المؤلف الرئيسي: Aghrout, Ahmed.
مؤلفون آخرون: Bougherira, Redha. M., Keiger, Professor John.
التنسيق: كتاب الكتروني
منشور في: London : Taylor & Francis Group, 2004.
الطبعة:1st ed.
سلاسل:Routledge Studies in Middle Eastern Politics Ser.
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