Private Sector Responds to the Epidemic : Debswana - A Global Benchmark.

In many respects, Botswana is Africa's success story. It is peaceful, democratic and prosperous. But it also has the worst AIDS epidemic in the world, with an adult prevalence rate estimated at 35.8%. This case study describes the response to this of one of the most important companies in Botsw...

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1. Verfasser: UNAIDS.
Format: E-Book
Veröffentlicht: Geneva : World Health Organization, 2001.
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  • Intro
  • Table of contents
  • Preface
  • 1. Introduction
  • HIV/AIDS in Botswana
  • The HIV/AIDS response
  • 2. The Botswana economy
  • 3. Debswana Diamond Company
  • 4. The early years
  • AIDS education and awareness
  • Appointment of full-time AIDS Programme Coordinators
  • Development of a HIV/AIDS management policy
  • Prevalence study
  • Pre-investment testing
  • 5. Institutional audit
  • Background
  • The institutional HIV/AIDS audit: a six-step process
  • Results of the audit
  • Data problems
  • Presenting the findings
  • Recommendations to the Executive Committee
  • 6. The lessons learned
  • Providing antiretroviral drugs
  • Contractor quality assurance
  • Process for identifying critical posts
  • The new HIV/AIDS strategy
  • Development of an AIDS-competence standard for managers
  • Development of a HIV/AIDS standard
  • 7. An update of the 2001 survey
  • 8. The way forward: what can other organizations and companies learn from the Debswana experience?
  • 9. References.