Eyes to the South : French Anarchists & Algeria.

A comparative study of the porous intellectual and political borders between a colonial power and the colonized.

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1. Verfasser: Porter, David.
Format: E-Book
Veröffentlicht: Edinburgh : AK Press, 2011.
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  • Intro
  • Table of Contents
  • Map of Algeria
  • Acknowledgments
  • Key Initials
  • Basic Timeline for Algeira, 1954-Present
  • Foreword
  • Personal Introduction
  • Historical Background of Modern Algeria: the Colonial Context and the Anti-Colonial Movement
  • Anarchist Background
  • Book Organization and Methodology
  • PART I The Algerian War (1954-1962): Nationalism, Violence, and Revolution
  • Algerian Background: Realities of the National Liberation Struggle
  • French Anarchism Background: Engaement, Polarization, and Splits
  • French Anarchist Positions
  • PART II The Ben Bella Regime (1962-1965): Ideal and Reality of Workers' Self-Management
  • Algerian Background: Power Struggles and "Algerian Socialism
  • French Anarchism Background: Support, Younger Visions, and Faded Vitality
  • French Anarchist Positions
  • PART III The Boumedienne Regime (1965-1978): State Socialism and Political Islam
  • Algerian Background: Balancing Left and Right in Consolidating the Regime
  • French Anarchism Background: New Reflections on Algerian Autogestion and the Peak and Aftermath of May-June 1968
  • French Anarchist Positions
  • PART IV The Chadli, Boudiaf, and Zeroual Regimes (1979-1999): Berber and Urban Revolts, Liberalization and Military/Islamist Civil War
  • Algerian Background: Grassroots Insurgents, Political Reform, and the "Black Decade" of Violence
  • French Anarchism Background: The Pluralistic Movement Sorts Out
  • French Anarchist Positions
  • PART V The Bouteflika Regime (1999-Present): Horizontalist Resistance and Authoritatian Rule
  • Algerian Background: Kabyle Insurgency, Assemblies Movement, and the "Democratic" Facade
  • French Anarchism Background: Distinct Voices and Identities
  • French Anarchist Positions
  • Anarchism in Algeria
  • French Anarchists' "Alternative History" of Algeria.
  • Reflections on the French Anarchist Movement
  • Reflections on the Anarchist Movement Generally
  • Notes
  • Selected Bibliography
  • Index.