Rhetorical Figures in Science.

Rhetorical Figures in Science breaks new ground in the rhetorical study of scientific argument as the first book to demonstrate how figures of speech other than metaphor have been used to accomplish key conceptual moves in scientific texts.

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Tác giả chính: Fahnestock, Jeanne.
Định dạng: eBook
Ngôn ngữ:English
Được phát hành: Cary : Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 1999.
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Mục lục:
  • Intro
  • Contents
  • CHAPTER 1 The Figures as Epitomes
  • The Dominance of Metaphor
  • The Classical Tradition of the Figures
  • Theories of Figuration
  • The Figures as Epitomes of Lines of Reasoning
  • Boundary Problems
  • Verbal Spread and Visual Concision
  • The Figures in Scientific Discourse
  • CHAPTER 2 Antithesis
  • The Aristotelian Definition of Antithesis
  • The History of the Figure
  • The Uses of Antithesis in Argument
  • Arguing from Existing Semantic Contrasts
  • The "False Window": Using the Form to Force Terms Apart
  • Arguments that Change the Nature of Opposition
  • CHAPTER 3 Incrementum and Gradatio
  • Undoing Antitheses
  • Figures that Construct Series
  • The Uses of Incrementum and Gradatio in Argument
  • Creating Places with Series
  • Incomplete Series
  • Double Hierarchy Arguments
  • The Gradatio as Sorites
  • Merging Categories
  • Series Reasoning in Darwin's The Origin of Species
  • CHAPTER 4 Antimetabole
  • The Semantics and Syntax of the Antimetabole
  • History of the Figure
  • Argumentative Uses of the Antimetabole
  • The Antimetabole and Causality
  • Refutation by Reversal
  • CHAPTER 5 Ploche and Polyptoton
  • Figures of Repetition
  • Perfect Repetition: Ploche
  • Polyptoton
  • The Argumentative Resources of Polyptoton
  • Ploche, Polyptoton, and the Science of Electricity in the Eighteenth Century
  • Notes
  • References
  • Index
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