Holman QuickSource Guide to the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Acclaimed professor Craig A. Evans gives a thoroughly researched and colorfully illustrated overview of the Dead Sea Scrolls and their importance for Christianity.

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Autor principal: Evans, Craig A.
Formato: livro electrónico
Publicado em: Nashville : B&H Publishing Group, 2010.
Edição:1st ed.
Colecção:Holman QuickSource Ser.
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  • Intro
  • Preface
  • Part I-Discovery and Importance: Basic Facts About the Scrolls
  • 1 Lost
  • 2 Found
  • 3 Why the Scrolls Matter
  • 4 The Dead Sea Region
  • Part II-The Science of the Scrolls
  • 5 The Science of Dating the Scrolls
  • 6 Restoring and Preserving the Scrolls
  • Part III-Historical Context of the Scrolls
  • 7 History Between the Testaments
  • 8 Historical Groups and the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • 9 Historical Figures Mentioned in the Scrolls
  • 10 Historical Nicknames and Veiled References in the Scrolls
  • Part IV-From Cave to Publication: Bringing History to Light
  • 11 The Scrolls, Cave by Cave
  • 12 The First Scrolls to Be Published
  • 13 The Second Round of Scrolls
  • Part V-Who Were the Essenes?
  • 14 The Essenes According to Philo
  • 15 The Essenes According to Josephus
  • 16 The Essenes According to Pagan Writers
  • 17 The Essene Identity: Archaeological Evidence from Qumran
  • Part VI-Faith and Practices According to the Scrolls
  • 18 How the Essenes Interpreted Scripture
  • 19 How the Essenes Worshipped God
  • 20 How the Essenes Related to the Priests of Jerusalem
  • 21 The Essenes and the End Times
  • Part VII-The Scrolls and the Old Testament
  • 22 How Well Is the Bible Preserved in the Scrolls?
  • 23 The Scrolls and the Canon of Scripture
  • 24 The Scrolls and Popular Bible Figures
  • Part VIII-The Scrolls and Jesus
  • 25 The Scrolls and John the Baptist
  • 26 The Scrolls and the Coming Messiah
  • 27 The Scrolls and the Teaching of Messiah
  • Part IX-The Scrolls and the New Testament
  • 28 The Scrolls and Paul
  • 29 The Scrolls and Hebrews, James, and Jude
  • 30 The Scrolls and Revelation
  • 31 Are Some of the Scrolls from the New Testament?
  • Part X-Conclusion
  • 32 Summary Q&amp
  • A on the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Appendix 1 Major Scrolls Publications
  • Appendix 2 Major Scrolls Players.