Algeria and Transatlantic Relations.

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Hoofdauteur: Toperich, Sasha.
Andere auteurs: Boukaila, Samy., Roberts, Jonathan.
Formaat: E-boek
Gepubliceerd in: La Vergne : Brookings Institution Press, 2019.
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  • Front Cover
  • Title Page
  • Copyright Information
  • Table of Contents
  • List of Abrreviations
  • Introduction
  • Part I: Algeria's Ancestral History and First Transatlantic Contracts
  • 7,000 Years Ago: The First Berber
  • The Roman Era: Numidia and the Punic Wars
  • The Arab Conquest and the Islamization of North Africa
  • Algeria at the Time of the Ottoman Empire and the Emergence of an Algerian Navy
  • Part II: French Occupation and the Revolutions
  • French Colonization and Emir Abdelkader: Birth of a Nation
  • November 1954: Decolonization's Breaking Point
  • Part III: Fifty Years of Algerian Independence and Transatlantic Relations
  • Economic and Social Revolution in Algeria
  • The Iran Hostage Crisis and US-Algerian Rapprochement
  • The Black Decade: The Grassroots of Islamic Terrorism
  • President Bouteflika's Era: Victory Against Terrorism and Development Renewed
  • Part IV: Reform: Algeria at a Crossroads
  • Algeria and Deradicalization: An Experience to Share
  • Algeria as a Regional Energy Hub: Strategy and Vision
  • Algerian Agriculture: Potential, Performance, and Prospects Facing Future Challenges
  • Part V: Transatlantic Relations
  • US-Algeria Trade Relations: The Urgent Prospects to be Anchored in a Post-Oil Era
  • Seeking a Sea Change for the Private Sector in Algeria
  • US-Algeria Relations: Looking Back at the Last Decade
  • Transatlantic Cooperation in Higher Education
  • Transformation Knowledge into Competencies: How Algeria May Benefit from US Expertise and Transatlantic Cooperation in Higher Education
  • Algeria's Geoeconomic Challenges
  • The FCE's Role and Aspirations for the Algeria Economy
  • About the Authors
  • Back Cover.